Voice, Piano, & Guitar Lessons in Fresno, CA and online

Online Lessons


We know you’re busy being your awesome self! So let us help you by coming to you.

C’est La Vie Arts happily offers lessons online for your convenience. 


Perks of online lessons:

  • No traffic or long commutes

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home

  • Off hour and late-night lesson times

  • Access to teachers who are reputable that may not be available in your area

  • Cost effective


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Voice Lessons:


What equipment do I need?

  • A phone, a tablet, or laptop/desktop computer with a microphone and camera

  • Consistent, reliable internet connection

  • External mics are fine to use, but what’s built into your computer/phone will be fine.

  • We don’t recommend the use of headphones due to you being unable to hear your own voice during lessons.

Do I need a super-fast internet connection?

No. Whatever you use at home should be sufficient. If you’re using data on your phone, make sure you’re in an area with good reception.

What about lag? What happens if my video freezes?

Not to worry! Your teacher is trained to deal with these issues. Because some lag is expected with all online video sessions, so your teacher will adjust his/her training methods. You won’t notice this. However, in case a screen does freeze, or we lose connection, we will attempt to re-establish connection. If we cannot, we will either reschedule your lesson or refund the time.

What kind of people are candidates for online lessons?

  • Semi-professional and professional performers

  • People 11 years old and up

  • People with busy or complicated schedules

  • Full time students

  • Singers or coaches without access to good teachers in their area

  • People looking for a more cost-effective solution to lessons

  • People who don’t drive

  • YOU!

What video program do you use?

Your teacher uses a product called Zoom.

How do I start my lesson once it’s scheduled?

Click the zoom link sent in your email reminder. If you can’t find it, you can login to your student account. In your student account there are a list of posts on your homepage. One will have the online lesson link.


Ready to try singing online?