Voice, Piano, & Guitar Lessons in Fresno, CA and online
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C’est La Vie Arts offers online and in-person music lessons, consultations, and preparation in: singing, acting, piano, and guitar.


Welcome Songbirds!

You want to sing your favorite songs, not your teacher’s…


Let’s be honest here- you’re someone who really doesn’t want to sing those old opera songs like O Mio Babbino Caro or La donna e mobile. While they may be beautiful songs, they just aren’t you! You’d rather belt like pop and Broadway icons Sutton Foster & Ben Platt. You want to sing “God Is A Woman” as sultry as Ariana Grande. You want to belt with conviction Queen’s “Somebody To Love.”

You’re a pianist who CAN play Beethoven and Chopin. But you WANT to play pop and jazz standards. You’re ready to take on that Fake Book that’s been sitting on the bookshelf forever.


You are ready to take the next step in your musical career...

You already are a dedicated singer and musician. The problem is you don’t know how to take your skills to the next level. You’ve done a great job teaching yourself, but have never taken a vocal pedagogy class. You’re tired of not being able to hit that high note. You’re tired of wondering why the cracks in your voice aren’t going away. And what the heck is mix and how do you get that?  

 Your jazz chords sound passable, but they don’t have the dynamic ring you want. You’ve been improvising a pop lick on your keyboard, but it just isn’t quite harmonizing correctly.

Teaching styles are never “one-size fits all…”

You are a parent of a special needs child. You know in your heart of hearts the average teacher won’t do. You need a teacher who will be understanding to meltdowns, loud siblings, and can be flexible with anxiety issues. You need a teacher that enables you and your child’s voice to be valued and heard.


What if the music education you want isn’t hard to find?


Your child gets the one-on-one attention they need. You both have a real connection with your teacher and aren’t afraid to bring up your needs. You see them excited to play their favorite Disney songs on piano. Piano is NOT a drag. Your child is not afraid to sing in front of people anymore. Not only this, but they volunteered to perform at the next family reunion. 


You’re no longer afraid of performing in public because you know how to sustain a high note! Not only have you eliminated cracks in your voice, but you know the steps of how to fix it! You have the confidence to audition for colleges like Berklee School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, and AMDA Conservatory of the Performing Arts. You are ready to nail your first audition for the great Broadway shows like Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and The Sound of Music.

You’re finally on the road gigging! Not only were you confident and nailed your audition, but you know what steps you need to take to ensure good vocal hygiene throughout the tour. Who knows…. maybe you’ll even score a Top 40 hit?! You’re that unstoppable!



C’est La Vie Arts

Where Artistry Takes Flight


We know you are a person with a vision for your (or your kid’s) musical future. We care about that future and want to be a part of it.

We help you build confidence, Hone Your skills, and then build your identity as an artist. 

We do this by:

  • Providing you with quality instruction that includes repertoire selection and coaching, building technique, and music theory 

  • Giving you step-by-step plans of action

  • Giving you quick fixes (for when you’ve got a show around the corner or are getting sick)

  • Doing quick consults to answer any questions

  • Consulting with vocal teams (worship, choir, ensembles) to better ensure vocal hygiene

  • Helping with career counseling (audition prep, selecting colleges)

  • Teaching you artist management skills (acquiring and setting up gigs, in-person and online networking tools, audition and acting coaching)

  • Valuing you as an individual through the whole process


Have a big dream?

Let’s go for it!

Want to play some awesome licks on the piano and guitar?

We’ve got your back. 


Whether you are a Jr High student wanting to learn to write songs on your guitar or you’re an up-and-coming Broadway star, your voice and your gifts matter.

Let us help you fine tune your artistic abilities so that you shine even brighter! 


Allison is very knowledgeable about the voice. She listens with encouragement, but also very specific advice that can be generalized to other situations. She is easy to communicate with and makes good use of lesson time. She’s also really nice. I don’t think you can go wrong here.
— Alison B.
We’ve had so much fun the last few weeks at Mommy & Me class. My 2 year old is always shy in the beginning of class but by mid-way he’s up and having fun; it’s too hard not to! He’s even started asking to go to music class mid week! It’s a great bonding and stimulating activity to look forward to every week. The grandparents enjoy coming along too. The teachers are fabulous and work well with the kids. Well worth the money!
— Lindy M.
My daughter began seeing Allison for voice lessons at the beginning of last school year. She loved to sing, but wasn’t confident in her abilities, nor was she willing to attempt what she thought was impossible. With Allison’s patience and thorough teaching, my daughter has not only strengthened and grown her vocal abilities, but she has also become more confident in doing so. She now helps lead her youth worship team, and has been asked to join the church worship group. We highly recommend that any singer wanting to grow in their abilities to take lessons with Allison.
— Shalene K.
Our exceptional experience with C’est La Vie has helped our daughter continue to developed her love for singing. Combined with technical support and kind guidance, Allison has given her an opportunity to grow and develop into a confident singer.
— Beth N.