Voice, Piano, & Guitar Lessons in Fresno, CA and online

Private Music Lessons

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting & Audition/Performance Coaching


Private Voice Lessons

Learn posture, breathing, vocal tract physiology, how to produce a healthy tone that's on pitch, how to read music, score analysis, music interpretation, acting, and so much more. Your teacher will assign you music and students are welcome to bring repertoire in progress.

A lesson is typically split into 2-3 sections: Warm-up, Music Theory, and Repertoire work. You will work on repertoire ranging from pop to opera! 

If you are someone with vocal damage or a pathology, we are more than happy to work with you as well. A detailed intake of your vocal history and health is taken with all students. If you are someone actively gigging or interested in building your brand as a performer, we will cover this in your initial intake.

Taught by Allison. 8 years to Adult

Private Piano Lessons

Piano lessons focus on form, note reading, chord playing techniques, score analysis, composition, music games, and of course playing songs! Students' requests for specific songs are always welcome and usually honored.

We use the Faber and Alfred method books along with supplemental materials.

Taught by Allison or Elona. 6 years to Adult

Private Guitar Lessons

Learn scales and how to build chords, your favorite songs, performance technique, music theory, and good form. 

Taught by Jesse. 10 years to Adult

Songwriting Lessons

Learn basic songwriting skills: how to analyze and understand your favorite songs from a songwriter’s perspective, how to build harmonies, how to build beautiful melody lines, basic piano skills, chord building skills, voice arranging, music theory, song form. 

Taught by Allison. 11 years to Adult

Audition & Performance Prep Coaching

Great for touch-up and polishing monologues or songs. We work on existing repertoire or help you pick out repertoire. In these sessions, we talk about career and financial planning, college prep, and artistic management.  

For singing, acting, piano, and guitar.

Taught by Allison, Elona, or Jesse. All ages welcome.

Let your Artistry take Flight!